Dedication to Olina Dmitrievna Ventsel  

Olina Dmitrievna Ventsel was working as an artist-organizator and as consultant by historical costumes in the theatres and art-studios of Russia ( she took part in making the films "One more night of Shaherezada", "The siege", "The case in the airport" etc.)

From the 1986 the artist is creating the dolls of porcelain in historical costumes. Her masterpieces are very famous not only in Russia, but abroad as well. Moscow, Amsterdam, New York, Venice, Paris, Copenhagen - it''s not the whole number of the places where the private exhibitions of Olina Dmitrievna Ventsel are located.

There was a very successful exhibition of the artist "The Pushkin''s ball" in honor of the 200-years anniversary of A.S. Pushkin conducted in the Cultural Fund of Russia, the State Pushkin''s museum, Central Artist''s House (gallery "Vahtanov").

After this event the Russian Cultural Fund in Denmark invited O.D. Ventsel to conduct her exhibition there. It took place in the town hall of Copenhagen during the two weeks. The exhibition was visited by nearly 7 thousands of people and this event found a broad response in mass media and television of Denmark.

Taking into consideration the close relations between Denmark and Russia, there is the collection of 11 dolls - members of the royal family of the last Russian tzar Nikolay the Second exhibited in the museum of the Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna, the sister of Nikolay Romanov.

The favorable disposition of Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark Margretta the Second and Hoffmarchall of Her Majesty Lord Chamberlain, who is the president of the Fund of G.H. Andersen, was the reason of starting the new project devoted to the creative work of the great Danish story-teller G.H. Andersen.

Some of the created dolls are exhibited in the museums "Legoland" and "Olga Lust".

Altogether there are 150 dolls made by Olina Ventsel that are exhibited in museums of the world and private collections.

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